What To Do Next

Between being trapped in this lock down and graduating secondary school, I can't count how many times I've just stopped to ask myself what next to do. I was spending my days going through my Instagram, YouTube and Google for the most part of my twenty four hours only to feel useless and unproductive- not to mention  very  ashamed at the end. I went online to see things I could do and the internet gave me  some  ideas but it didn't give me the kind of results I needed to see. I needed options, ideas, things I could start immediately to lessen that horrible feeling in me. I found nothing and so I decided make this- for me and the people like me who are so indecisive we need people to tell us what to do or at the very least, options and ideas. The goal of lock down, at least for me, is to improve on myself. I want to do things that make me feel good, look good and be good. I'd like to think that's your goal too.  Learn A New Language      There's  Duolingo , Babel


  DEATH INCOMING Death Incoming is a fun, casual, puzzle game that can be found on the  Google Playstore and the  App Store also. The goal of the game is to find specific objects and place them in specific locations so as to kill the victims of the scene. Once you're done with the level, Death then comes to collect the souls. When I first started the game, I was a little disturbed by the scenes so beware. Nothing too scary, just a liitle unsettling for some people. LEVEL ONE Drag the scissors to the kettle. I don't know how, but the scissors snips the kettle and the water leaks. The man is electrocuted and he dies.  LEVEL TWO Place the man's towel on the line. He tries to pick it and ends up strangling himself. LEVEL THREE Drag the spade to the top of the trampoline. The impact of the man's jumping sends it flying into the hook which swings and pierces through the man's neck on his next jump. LEVEL FOUR Give the remote to the man. When he changes the channel, he g